One of the newest features of our Broadway Subscription is SWAP OR DROP, the ability to customize your Broadway Season Package to fit your life and your schedule. It allows you to get the most bang for your entertainment buck by introducing a brand new level of customization to subscriptions.

In case you are wondering how this wonderful feature works, your good friends at the Thrasher-Horne Center have put together this informative video to walk you through the process. Sit back, relax… and get ready for some Broadway! 😉


In summary, your four show Broadway Package can now transform into a three show Package with a handy DROP. Alternately, your four show Package can remain a four show Package with the addition of one of our other non-Broadway shows through a quick SWAP. That way, your schedule never needs to be a determining factor in your entertainment. And with discounts averaging over 20% off single ticket prices, becoming part of our subscriber family has never made more sense!

This season’s Broadway offerings are white hot and include the shows Into The Woods, Avenue Q, Xanadu, and Mamma Mia! Subscriptions are available now. Learn all you need to know and take your first steps toward being a Thrasher-Horne Broadway Subscriber at today!

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