We are now four days away from the National Tour Preview of Into The Woods here at the Thrasher-Horne! Today, media flooded the building for a Meet & Greet with the directors and actors, plus a special sneak peek into rehearsals for the hit Stephen Sondheim show. This production of Into The Woods is unlike any you have seen before (unless you were lucky enough to catch their initial runs in NYC or London). It is an intimate and pared down experience, a stark contrast from the Disney film adaptation of the same name, and even the original Broadway production and more recent Delacorte Theatre revival in Central Park.

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Using minimal props, costumes, and set on a stage reminiscent of an exploded piano factory, the troupe of ten actors bring to life this story of fairy-tale mashups, asking audiences to imagine along with them as they are transported to lands far-far away. Playing multiple characters, multiple instruments, and almost never leaving the stage, the audience is treated to a spectacle of artistic gymnastics that really reminds us what it’s like to see a living, breathing performance. Stripping away all the pomp and circumstance of modern theatrical constructs helps us to get to the melodies and the words that are at the heart of every Sondheim show, and this troupe of actors are handling that epic task with the utmost style and panache.

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Minimalist Theatre can be a terrifying term, conjuring up images of dark berets and even bleaker plotlines, but this cast brings a warmth and personality to the material that will completely immerse you in the story from beginning to end. This is definitely a performance you won’t want to miss!

Tickets to Into The Woods are available through our website, www.THcenter.org.

For further reading about the intricacies of Into The Woods, check out this great article from Playbill!


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