At the Thrasher-Horne Center, the only thing more beautiful than our shows is our audiences. This morning was a delight as over 1,200 local students packed into our Main Stage to catch Ecology Is Awesome, the latest nature-themed magic show from Steve Trash. For over an hour, Steve taught the kids about pollution, recycling, and how to help save the planet through an array of illusions and zany sight gags. Afterwards, Steve magically appeared in the lobby to greet and take pictures with all the kids. Pick up your tickets today for our upcoming shows at and who knows… you may be the next beautiful person to grace our blog!

IMG_1061IMG_1062IMG_1064IMG_1066IMG_1067IMG_1068IMG_1071IMG_1078IMG_1079IMG_1081IMG_1082IMG_1084IMG_1085IMG_1199Photo Apr 28, 12 02 26 PMPhoto Apr 28, 12 02 32 PMIMG_1200Photo Apr 28, 11 55 21 AM

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